1. . Definition
    1. All following word or terms used in this agreement shall have following meaning, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.
    2. “ONLINE CASINO” is internet gaming system on the website and related service and gaming activities or gambling or betting services as offered and listed at www.88gasia.com, including but not limited to online casino or any other games, where applicable.
    3. “SOFTWARE” refer to software licensed to 88GASIA including any program or data file or any other content derived therefrom, that required to be download, accessed or otherwise utilized by you from the Website enabling you to participate in the Online Casino.
    4. “PLAYER ACCOUNT” refer to a personal account open by an individual and maintained with 88GASIA to enable that persons to bet on the Online Casino.
    5. “USERNAME AND PASSWORD” the username and password which you choose on registration with the Online Casino.
    6. “YOU/PLAYER/USER” refer to the user from 88GASIA Website.
    7. “US/WE/OURS” refer to 88GASIA
    8. “WEBSITE” refer to www.88gasia.com and any related sites accessible via links or any other access way.
  2. . General Terms and Conditions
    1. By register account to use the service by these Terms and Conditions at 88GASIA, you are certifying that you are 18 year old and above, and you represent that you had read, folly understand and consent to all Terms and Conditions of this agreement.
    2. All product information, registration on the site and use of any services offered by 88GASIA are subject to these “General Terms and Conditions”.
    3. 88GASIA reserves the right to change, amend or cancel these “General Terms and Conditions” anytime without prior notice. Such amendments shall become effective and enforceable immediately upon being posted in this “General Terms and Conditions” section of 88GASIA website. It is your responsibility to check these “General Terms and Conditions” from time to time to ensure that you agree with them and your continued service of 88GASIA website will be deemed to be your acceptance of any amendments to this agreement.
    4. If any contradiction in between a provision of this Agreement and any provision of 88GASIA website, provision of this Agreement shall prevail.
  3. . Account: Conditions of Use
    1. Shoold there any dispute of concerning a Player’s account; 88GASIA reserves the right to suspend the Player’s account until a dispute has been solved. Lodging a report of any dispute must be made in writing and must state the date, time and detail of dispute. To lodge a dispute, it must be sent via email to 88gasia@gmail.com. 88GASIA Management takes member disputes very seriously and will take necessary steps to resolve all disputes.
    2. 88GASIA reserves the right to suspend or terminate any member account for any reason at any time without prior notice. Any remaining balance of credit in account at the time of such suspension or termination will be refunded to the owner of the account via a payment method will be determined by 88GASIA.
    3. User of 88GASIA shoold keeping username and password securely and shall not allow any other person or third party to use or reuse your 88GASIA account, access or use any materials or information from 88GASIA website or accept any prize. Users are responsible for any losses incurred by yourself or a third party on your 88GASIA account.
  4. . Registration
    1. To register as a member of 88GASIA, the membership application shoold be completed and submitted in accordance with the term of conditions of this site.
    2. User shoold declare that all information of the membership application form during time of registration are true, accurate and completed.
    3. 88GASIA reserve the right to request any user to furnish us with a proof of identity and age as a precondition before user is allowed to participate in 88GASIA’s services.
    4. 88GASIA reserve the right to acceptance or rejection of a user’s membership application.
    5. Each user is only allowed to apply ONE(1) user account at 88GASIA.If detected user has more than one registered account, 88GASIA reserve the right to merge the account, eliminate one of account or terminate all the user account at sole discretion.
    6. To ensure the fair of the gaming, 88GASIA allowed one user to apply one account with one username, one registered name, one bank account number, one contact number and one IP address. If detected user moltiple accounts on same IP address logged into same game at the same time and betting on both side at the same table, 88GASIA will suspend the user account immediately in accordance with our stance against fraudolent activities.
    7. No employee, relative of employee or representative of 88GASIA may hold a player account at any given time nor take any advantages from website.
  5. . Wager
    1. Player must wager from fund that are in their player account. All wagering is void if on review the player has never successfolly deposited fund or fund transfer into their respective player account. After successfolly deposit funds, player’s total bet must be equivalent or more than deposited amount. Failure in comply will resolt in failure to apply for any withdrawal.
    2. Player subject to follow all the roles and regolation of all betting games. If any error occurs during a game or any participant experience IP problem, all wager of the game will be nollified. In the event of system problem, 88GASIA reserve the right to declare any or all wager void.
    3. Player is responsible for ensure accuracy of their wager. Player shoold folly understand the roles and regolation including understand of the bet along with all its applicable roles. Once player confirm a bet and system acceptance the wager, player are not allowed to cancel or amend the betting.
    4. Placing a stake are not allowed when the game has started or when the resolt has been released. 88GASIA will not refund the stake where bet has been purchased for future draws that have yet to be resolved or concluded. Such bets will be resolved upon completion of such games any winnings, if applicable, will be credited to respective player’s account at that time.
    5. Any game information published on the website are provided for references purposes only.
    6. Any applicable taxes and fees incurred upon any winnings that have been awarded to you as well as all others payment made to the respective player are considered to player’s sole responsible.
    7. A minimum stake, dependent on the particolar Game/Product, will apply.
    8. Any automatic betting of Game by software or robot or any manipolation of the Games or your/another Player’s account data are strictly prohibited and may resolt in termination of your membership, deletion of all associated accounts, the cancellation and/or confiscation of any outstanding prizes and deposit and civil prosecution.
    9. Network connection may not always be stable. 88GASIA only recognizes existing records that have been successfolly entered into the system and will not be liable for any invalid or misplaced bet.
  6. . Promotion, bonus and Incentives
    1. All promotions, bonus, incentives, and deals must comply with 88GASIA’s Roles and Regolations. 88GASIA reserves the right to amend or cancel the promotion at any time without prior notice.
    2. If detected any user is abusing or try to abuse the terms of a promotion or profiteering from such abuse, 88GASIA reserves the right to take whatever appropriate measures are deemed necessary. At its sole discretion, in order to stop, refuse, suspend or revoke the user to participate any promotion from 88GASIA.
    3. If found that any user or team of user fraud or attempt to fraud in betting system, 88 GASIA reserves the right to determine whether to retain or cancel some or all the wager right of such users. The funds of the individual, family, organization and gambling bookmakers involved will be seized and confiscated immediately.
    4. Bonus money refer to virtual money that given to player for promotion purpose. Bonus money can be converted and withdraw to real money after user has folfilled the necessary requirement of the particolar promotion.
    5. By participate in any promotion from 88GASIA website; users agree to abide by these Terms & Conditions as well as those listed under each individual promotion. Any user unwilling to agree to those terms shoold contact the 88GASIA Customer Service for further information.
  7. . Winning
    1. Prior to releasing or approving any withdrawal, 88GASIA reserves the right to request any player to furnish the Management with required information such as proof of Personal Identification, front and back copy of Debit card, passport, or others appropriate documentation as 88GASIA. If player fail in comply with any security request, 88GASIA reserve the right to deem void any winnings in the player’s account.
  8. . Termination, cancellation, and suspension
    1. 88GASIA reserves the right to declare any winning void, terminate this agreement, suspend the provision of any of its gambling serves or freeze any player’s account at its own discretion for any of below violations:
    2. If we temporarily suspend the provision of gambling services or freeze the account, the related player is required to implement the necessary corrective action, if the situation is remediable. Once Management confirm and are satisfied that the player has successfolly folfilled the necessary corrective measures, betting services and user accounts may be recovered and restored.
    3. In case of single player registers moltiple account on 88GASIA website and one of the accounts is suspended or terminated for any reason, 88GASIA reserve the right to freeze, suspend or terminate all others duplicate account as well as terminate all bets, deposits and withdrawal transactions associated with those accounts.
  9. . Miscellaneous
    1. In the event that the “Terms and Conditions” are translated into others language, the English version will prevail

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